How to Load and Unload Performance Counters

Created: 2008-10-21
Modified: 2008-11-19


You receive the following event in event viewer


Source: Perflib

Event ID: 2003

The configuration information of the performance library "C:\WINDOWS\system32\xxxx.dll" for the "ServiceName" service does not match the trusted performance library information stored in the registry. The functions in this library will not be treated as trusted.



The performance information on the registry has been corrupted or deleted.



You should unload and then load the affected performance counters to update the registry with the correct information.


On the affected computer perform the following

1)      Open Regedit

2)      Goto: HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\ServiceName\Performance

a.       Where ServiceName is the name given in the Event ID 2003 description.

3)      Locate the PerfIniFile Key and record the setting

a.       Example: tslabels.ini is the TermService PerfIniFile setting.


4)      Open a Command Prompt

a.       Start…Run...CMD

b.      Unload the current counters for the affected ServiceName

                                                               i.      Type: unlodctr ServiceName

c.       Load the correct counters for the affected ServiceName

                                                               i.      Type: lodctr PerfIniFile

                                                             ii.      Where: PerfIniFile is the file name retrieved from the PerfIniFile registry setting earlier.



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