How to configure Presentation or Xenapp Server for low bandwidth connections

Created: 2010-11-05
Modified: 2011-12-11



The information below explains how to configure various performance settings through the Program Neighborhood (PN) client, directly on the server, as well as through the Citrix Web Interface.  Where you need to configure each setting will depend on your specific environment.  In general if you are using the Citrix Web Interface you should configure settings there, if you are using PN you should configure settings in the PN or on the server.


Setting that improve connections over low bandwidth

1)  Enable data compression.

a.  Compression reduces the size of the data that is transferred over the ICA connection. Enable compression and specify the maximum compression parameter.

b.  To enable maximum compression via the Web Interface server, edit the default.ica file and add the following entries.





2)  Queue mouse movements and keystrokes.

a.  When queuing is enabled, the plug-in sends mouse and keyboard updates less frequently to the Presenstation or XenApp server.  Enabling this option improves performance only if you are using a low-bandwidth connection.

b.  To enable queuing of mouse and keystroke via the Web Interface server, edit the default.ica file and add the following entries.




c.  These values can vary, but increasing these values too high could degrade interactive response.


3)  Enable the bitmap cache.

a.  Bitmap caching stores commonly used bitmaps (images) locally on your client device so that they do not have to be transferred over the ICA connection every time they are needed.

b.  To configure the location and settings for bitmap caching on the Client

  i.  Start the Program Neighborhood client.

  ii.  From the Tools menu, click ICA Settings to display the ICA Settings dialog box.

  iii.  Click the Bitmap Cache tab.

  iv.  From the Bitmap Cache page, you can configure the following settings:

1.  Bitmap Cache Size: Specify the size of the bitmap cache in kilobytes.

2.  Bitmap cache directory: The default directory where the cached data is stored is displayed in this field.

3.  Change Directory: If you want to specify a new directory for cached data, click the Change Directory button.

4.  Minimum size bitmap to be cached: The size of the smallest bitmap to be cached to disk.

5.  Click the Clear cache Now button. This will remove all cached data from the directory.

  v.  Tip: Do not clear the cache if any ICA connections are open. Before clearing the cache, verify that all ICA connections are closed.

  vi.  Click OK to close the dialog box.

c.  To enable the bitmap cache feature on the Web Interface server, edit the default.ica file and add the following entries



PersistentCacheSize= 10485760







4)  Enable SpeedScreen Latency Reduction

a.  This feature improves the user experience over high-latency connections by providing immediate mouse and keyboard feedback to the client, effectively making the connection appear real-time even when it is significantly delayed. Latency Reduction is only available if a client is connecting to a server that is configured for Latency Reduction.

b.  When the client is set to Auto, the default server settings turn these features on when the server sees latency of 500 ms or more. We recommend changing the default SpeedScreen Latency Threshold settings to 150 ms for the high-latency threshold, and 75 ms for the low-latency threshold. These settings ensure this feature is indeed activated at times when user experience is poor.

c.  For known, slower connections (for example, if you are connecting over a WAN or dial-in connection), set the client mode to On to force the feature on, regardless of the latency detected by the server.

d.  To set the client mode to On via the Web Interface server, edit the default.ica file and add the following entries:






e.  Note: 0-disabled, 1-enabled, 2-auto


5)  The Web Interface provides all the above setting by default in the bandwidth_low.ica file.

a.  There are several preconfigured ICA files all located in the following folder.

b.  C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\CitrixWeb\Citrix\AccessPlatform\conf


6)  Reduce the window size.

a.  Change the window size to the minimum size you can comfortably use.

b.  This setting is controlled via the Published Application Settings


7)  Reduce the number of colors.

a.  Reduce the number of colors to 256.

b.  This setting is controlled via the Published Application Settings


8)  Reduce sound quality.

a.  If plug-in audio mapping is enabled, reduce the sound quality to the minimum setting.

b.  This setting is controlled via the Published Application Settings


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