How to replace Windows 2003 DC with Windows 2008 R2

Created: 2010-03-24
Modified: 2011-07-25


This procedure explains how to remove a Windows 2003 DC and replacement it with Windows 2008 R2 DC with the same computer name, ip address, DNS, WINS, and DHCP server configurations.



Existing Windows 2003 DC

1)      Record current IP Addresses Settings

a.       IPConfig /all

2)      Record FSMO Roles present on this server

a.       netdom query fsmo

3)      If the server is the Forest Root PDC Emulator record the following

Net time /querysntp

4)      Transfer the FSMO roles to other servers as needed.

a.       If transferring the Forest Root PDC Emulator configure SNTP Settings on new server.

Net time /

b.      Domain FSMO Roles

                                                               i.      Use ADUC to transfer roles

1.      dsa.msc

c.       Forest FSMO Roles

                                                               i.      Domain Naming: Use AD Domains and Trusts

1.      domain.msc

                                                             ii.      Schema Master:

1.      Transfer the schema master role

5)      Record if server is a Global Catalog

6)      Record DNS Settings and Configuration

a.       Primary and Secondary DNS Zones

b.      Scavenging configuration

7)      Record WINS Settings and Configurations

a.       Replication partners

b.      Backup configuration settings

8)      Export DHCP Database settings

a.       How to Migrate DHCP from Windows 2003 to Windows 2008 R2

9)      Demote DC

a.       Run DCPromo

b.      Reboot

10)  Remove Server from domain

a.       Shutdown


New Windows 2008 R2 DC

1)      Install Windows 2008 R2

a.       Use the same name as the previous DC

2)      Configure same IP address settings

3)      Install DNS Server as needed

a.       Sometimes you are unable to install DNS as part of DCPromo, by doing this now you can prevent this issue.

4)      Run DCPromo

a.       Join domain

b.      Configure GC as needed.

c.       Reboot

5)      Transfer FSMO Roles back as needed.

6)      Configure DNS Server as needed.

7)      Install WINS as needed

a.       Configure as needed

8)      Install DHCP as needed

a.       How to Migrate DHCP from Windows 2003 to Windows 2008 R2

b.      Configure as needed


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