Not enough storage is available to complete this operation

Created: 2010-07-20
Modified: 2010-08-12


The following error message is returned when trying to display the members tab of a Domain group in Active Directory.  This typically occurs when managing a domain using an user account from a trusted domain.


Not enough storage is available to complete this operation



Other error messages that may appear in the event logs

Event ID: 1079

Source: NTDS General


Internal event: Active Directory could not allocate enough memory to process replication tasks. Replication might be affected until more memory is available.


User Action

Increase the amount of physical memory or virtual memory and restart this domain controller.


Event ID: 1655

Source: NTDS General

Active Directory attempted to communicate with the following global catalog and the attempts were unsuccessful.


Global catalog:



The operation in progress might be unable to continue. Active Directory will use the domain controller locator to try to find an available global catalog server.


Additional Data

Error value:

8446 The replication operation failed to allocate memory.



In Windows 2003 the default Kerberos token is a fixed size of 12,000 bytes.  Transports such as remote procedure call (RPC) and HTTP use the fixed token size when they allocate buffers for authentication. When communicating with domain controllers via a trust RPC is used, and authentication information is exchanged.  If the authentication information to be exchanged via Kerberos is larger than the default size then the application(s) may fail with various errors as show above.


The replication errors shown above are usually between domain controllers from different domains.



Use the article below to set the Kerberos token size to its maximum of 65,535 bytes.


How to fix Kerberos Event ID 6 when a user is a member of to many groups


More information:

Not enough storage is available to complete this operation

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