How to reset W32Time to sync time with the domain

Created: 2009-12-13
Modified: 2009-12-13


Computers no longer synchronize time from the domain correctly.



Many computers in the domain have been configured to manually sync with an incorrect NTP server.



Windows 2000

Set time source to domain (set type=NT5DS)

w32tm /config /computer:<computer> /syncfromflags:DOMHIER


To get W32Time to recognize the changes and sync time with the Domain, Stop and Start the service

SC \\<computer> stop W32Time

SC \\<computer> start W32Time


Windows 2003

Set time source to domain (set type=NT5DS) and update configuration

w32tm /config /computer:<computer> /syncfromflags:DOMHIER /Update


Sync with the domain time source

w32tm /resync /computer:<computer> /nowait /rediscover


Use the following batch file to correct multiple computers quickly.


@Echo Off

REM   Author:

REM  Created: 2009-12-08

REM Modified: 2009-12-08

REM  Purpose: Batch to remotely update the W32Time configuration for a list of servers.


REM    Files:

REM    w32tm.exe  - Used to issue resync command to remote w32time computer.  Available on WinXP.

REM   timout.exe  - Used to delay processing.  Available on Win2k3.


REM    Notes:

REM      Assumes Windows 2000 or Windows 2003/XP computers only.

REM      Configures W32Time to sync with the domain.


REM Variables:

REM   %1 = Server List filename



If '%1' == '' Goto Syntax

Set RNDFile=Temp%Random%.txt


For /F %%a in (%1) Do Call :Loop %%a

Goto End



REM %1 is the server name

Echo ******** %1 ********

Reg query \\%1\HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\W32Time\Parameters /v ServiceDLL >%RNDFile% 2>&1

If Errorlevel 1 Goto ErrorORWin2k


Echo Windows 2003 detected.

W32tm /config /computer:%1 /syncfromflags:domhier /update

w32tm /config /computer:%1 /Update

w32tm /resync /computer:%1 /nowait /rediscover

Goto :EOF



Type %RNDFile% | Find /I "unable to find the specified registry key" >Nul

If Errorlevel 1 (

Type %RNDFile%

Goto :EOF


Goto :Win2k



Echo Windows 2000 detected.

W32tm /config /computer:%1 /syncfromflags:domhier /update

SC \\%1 query W32Time | Find /I "RUNNING"

If Errorlevel 1 Goto :EOF

SC \\%1 Stop W32Time

timeout /t 5 /nobreak

SC \\%1 Start W32Time

Goto :EOF




Echo Syntax:

Echo %0 Serverlist

Echo     Serverlist  = A file with a list of computer names.


Echo Example:

Echo   %0 Servers.txt





Del %RNDFile% /f




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